Can't create (additional) parts

• Apr 15, 2016 - 12:35
Reported version
S3 - Major

In current master (fb8d155) generating parts doesn't work.


I'm using 2.0.3 3c7a69d

I have a short score with 4 parts and I can see/edit/print all four parts either together or individually with the parts accessed by tabs above the score window - so far so good.

Using 'instruments', I added a 5th part which appears OK on the master score. However - it DOES NOT appear in the tabs. When I go to 'Parts...' in the file menu I can see the original 4 parts listed - I 'add' a 5th part which appears as 'part' in the list at the left and then I double click the new 5th part which is listed in the RH panel. The new 'part' in the LH panel then changes to show the correct name of the new 5th part. I click 'OK' but the new part disappears from the LH panel. Main window still only displays the tabs for the original 4 parts + master although the 5th part is still included in the master.

Title Can't create parts Can't create (additional) parts

Yes, that is what the issue is about, not about adding parts == instruments but about creating (additional) linked parts == excerpts
It is not an issue with 2.0.3, but with the latest build from master though.

Moorlander - to be clear, there is no issue with creating parts in 2.0.3, only in experimental mightly builds. If you are having trouble figuring out how to use the parts facility, it is better to ask for help in the Support forum. But it should be as simple as clicking the New button in the Parts dialog and selecting the desired instrument to include in the part. If you still have trouble., please use the support forum to ask for further assistance.