Unable to change TAB 'clef ' - nightly R4233

• May 18, 2011 - 16:58

I have been unable to change the style of the 'clef ' for a guitar tablature. Dragging a new clef from the palette onto the existing clef works for a standard staff but does not seem to work for a tablature.

Mac OS X 10.6.7


Tab staves only accept TAB as a clef. A different clef, like for instance treble clef, requires a different type of staff. The supported procedure is:

* Right click on an empty spot of the stave and choose "staff properties"
* Change the staff type from "Tab" to "Pitched staff"

Then, the clef could be changed.

Please note, however, that trunk is under heavy re-factoring and right now it is not really testable.



P.S.: current trunk revision is around 4450...

Thanks for the comment but reading it I realise that my initial description is not as clear as it should be. Sorry.

I was only using the term "clef" to refer to the object name. There is no problem changing the staff type between "tab" and "pitched staff".

The problem is this:
In the "clef" palette there are 2 styles for a "tab", one in a plain, modern sans serif font, the other a highly stylised rounded font. It is the latter which is used by default when the staff type is changed to "tab" and I have not been able to change this to the modern style.

When the staff type is "pitched staff" dragging and dropping any of the clefs from the palette changes it.

I can't seem to find anything builds for Mac OS X later than 4367.

Thanks for the clarification.

I could reproduce what you describe: in the current trunk revision, the palette dragging mechanism is sort of broken: whichever clef you drag, the programme thinks it is the treble clef and of course (?!) it rejects it on a TAB stave.

Problems with clef dragging in trunk has been already reported; as soon as the going on re-factoring will settle down, I hope they will be solved.

In the meantime, I know of two workarounds; with a bit of luck either (or both) may work in rev. 4367:

A) Palette double-click:

1) Select the current TAB clef in the score
2) double-click the TAB clef you need in the clef palette
3) Noting seems to happen, but as soon you DESELECT the clef in the score (by clicking somewhere else), the clef is updated to the new shape

B) Dragging on the clef:

1) Drag the new clef from the palette on top of the CLEF in the score (and not generically in the measure): drop the new clef only when the current clef in the score TURNS RED.
2) If nothing seems to happen, try de-selecting the clef by clicking somewhere else.

Anyway, please keep in mind that the trunk version is not meant for 'real work', but it is still in a stage only allowing testing and feature preview. Hoping this may help you until things are fixed,


Thanks for the workarounds. "A" works well, in fact the change happens immediately on double clicking. There is no need to deselect the clef in the score. "B" was what I was doing anyway.

I do realise these builds are for test purposes only. My first update was not so much "hurry up guys" but "has this item been overlooked" ;-) I am in no hurry.