Custom staff-line thickness for one single staff

• Apr 20, 2016 - 17:01

Is it possible to change the staff-line thickness in one staff? I know i can change the staff line thickness in style>general>measure>Staff line thickness but i want to change it for one staff and not the whole score.

Is there a way to do this?

Philip Bergwerf


Not currently. Can you explain your use case in more detail? I'm actually just now contemplating what sort of settings make sense to make available on a per-staff basis. This one wouldn't have occured to me as being useful.

And do you actually mean "staff" - one staff within a system of multiple staves - or *system* (a set of staves for different instruments)? The latter wouldn't be as hard to fake via cut and paste in a PDF editor or whatever after the fact.

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Hi Marc,

I am exploring the world of alternative notation and musescore is one of the programs in which you can customize almost everything. In the attachement file you see a Piano_TAB template. It's a 'klavar' staff with traditional rhytmic notation. I used several staves with 2 and 3 lines to get this custom staff. This notation needs no clef because the staff itself is the clef. The only thing we need is a orientation point. The central cis and dis lines has to be thicker then the other lines. Like the example in the attachement. And i am searching a way to do this. I already can make this in Lilypond.

Can be usefull for other alternative notations. I use musescore sometimes to express extended techniques like in the attachment. So from my point of view. Everything has to be customizeble. So the thickness of one line in the staff. Sometimes its not possible to write a thing in a normal way and then its usefull to be able to customize. Well for me musescore as it is is a sandbox for notation more then any other notation program;-)

Philip Bergwerf

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Ah, I see - experimental / alternative notations. There have been a few attempts to add more customizations to MuseScore to allow more of these, but so far, only what you see is actually available,. Some day more capabilities might be added, but understandably, the priority is on conventional notation.

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Since Musescore 2.0.3 it is easier to edit Stafflines of exported SVGs eg. in Inkscape.

At the moment there's a bug if the Staffline spacing isn't the default size (but your score is) that is fixed in future versions.

Also the pagesize of the exported SVG is in "px" that will lead to wrong pagesize opening in Inkscape or importing in LibreOffice. But you can edit the exported SVG in a text editor and change "px" to "pt" which will correct the pagesize on import.

Typing this text took much longer than creating the PDF :-)

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