• Apr 23, 2016 - 09:22

Hi, I am trying to change font colour for specific blocks of lyrics. I can select the block of lyrics by shift dragging around them, or individually control clicking the lyrics. The problem is that when I adjust text properties it is only adjust the properties for one lyric element. I've tried this several times and I can see forum threads discussing similar issues but they are mainly on how to select... not how to apply properties once selected.
Thanks in advance for any help.
(version 2.0.3 )


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Thanks kuwitt for your speedy reply. That worked fine. I don't know why the same thing didn't work when I used text properties via right click.... but you've introduced me to the inspector (which as a relative novice I hadn't been using) and problem solved.
Thanks very much.

Text properties only works for one element indeed. There are technical reasons why, but I'm not sure it will always have to be that way.

BTW, if this is something you are doing more than just a little, you should consider defining a custom text style for this and then just applying that (also via Inspector).

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