Students Announced for Google Summer of Code 2016

• Apr 23, 2016 - 19:35

The list of students selected for Google Summer of Code 2014 has been announced by Google. Among the 1206 students selected, 4 of them will be working on MuseScore this summer!


Project: Improving default playback

Johannes Wegener (hpfmn) will improve the default playback of MuseScore by updating our SF2 synthesizer and improving our new SFZ synthesizer. He will be mentored by Werner Schweer (wschweer).

Project: Semi real time MIDI note entry

Peter Jonas (shoogle) will implement a new method of entering notes into MuseScore via a computer or MIDI keyboard that is more natural to musicians than the existing “step-time” method. The new method will allow the user to play the piece into to the computer as though they were giving a live performance, but steps are taken to ensure the accuracy of the resulting notation. This would make the process of entering notes significantly faster. He will be mentored by Nicolas Froment (lasconic).

Project: Annotations

Ruchit Agrawal (shredpub) will add tools to annotate the scores in MuseScore. His mentor is Marc Sabatella.

Project: Voice extraction and implode/explode

Felix Brauchle (fbrauchle) will extend the existing tools for implode/explode and add the ability to create parts for voices. He will be mentored by Joachim ‘Jojo’ Schmitz (Jojo-Schmitz).

Follow the students

Now the community bonding period officially starts. Students will get to know their mentors and prepare for the program by reading documentation, hanging out in the developer IRC channel (#musescore on, and familiarising themselves with MuseScore. They will also introduce themselves to the community on the forum or on the developer mailing list.
For more information on the work undertaken by these students for MuseScore, see our dedicated page (which will be completed by the students in the coming days).


In reply to by Bernd-Uckermark

All are very interesting projects, I'm looking forward seeing the result.

Did you also consider hand written input? As hand writting music stays quicker than keyboard/mouse ways, it "seems" to be the future to have hand written music recognition instead of all these tools, palette, inspector, ...

What do you think?

In reply to by frfancha

(Translated with Google)

Oh, I do not believe in handwriting recognition for notes (music). The program must indeed be prepared for anything the person wants to "write". And in many people a lot of special needs will arise. This can be a program today not create - that's my opinion.

I use MuseScore incidentally like to convert my compositions in mp3.
Does anyone know a way to change pitch (for example, at the guitar). Is there a command in MuseScore?

But one thing I want to say: it really makes a lot of fun to work with MuseScore.

Bernd-Uckermark - Germany

Handwritten Music: Yes, it has already been proven/noted that, for instance, Mozart, could not have written his music as fast except by hand manuscript. Doing it on a computer would have taken him much longer, and since his life was so short anyway, much of it probably would not have been written and all.

I am very glad to be part of the Musescore community, since I started using musecore, It has made me achieved some of my dreams. I am also gladden to know that there is provision for training for students who will eventually become the future developers of musecore and makes it more advance and easier to use. Much respect for the incumbent developers, May God reward you handsomely. I will like to suggest the possibility of pdf import, like the photoscore lite in Sibelius 7&8, I know there is an existing application like that on musecore through the internet but it is not effective, maybe due to the limitation of datas in my Country. Thanks

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