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• Apr 26, 2016 - 04:40

1)how do I get voice 1 forte voice 2 piano in playback, at the moment it just produces the last?
2)how do I get the harmonics in voice 2 to play at the octave but voice 1 to play loco?
3)there is no text overlap in the original but a lot in the taken out bar in the example, how do I deal with the one, presumably by making string numbers smaller, at the moment they seem to be fixed large size?

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1) For now, to get the playback different by voice, use the Inspector to set the velocity of the notes manually.

2) I guess you could use the "Fix to line" option in the Inspector to force the harmonics to display at a different line than playback would indicate.

3) Not sure I totally understand the question (or the notation), but to make text a text elementy smaller, just right click it, Text Properties, change the font. If you want *all* string numbers smaller, use Text Style in stead of Text Properties.

Put the voices in different staves, and select the group of notes in voice 1. Open up the Inspector, and then click "select"<"notes". Change the velocity. Do the same for voice 2, in a lower velocity. Release the notes. Test it out by pressing playback. Done. Does it work?

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You can easily change the velocity of a group of notes in a voice. Select the section of music with the notes you want to change the velocity on. Right click a note in the voice you want to change. click select>more... The check in selection and same voice. In the inspector change the velocity and it will affect all of those notes. I would chose the voice I want to change the dynamic on, select that dynamic and change the velocity to 0 to assure MuseScore will change to the other velocity.

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