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• May 30, 2011 - 23:56


Just come across a seeming omission in MuseScore's armoury of expression marks.

As an organist I both write and transcribe scores for that insturment. Organs are multi keyboard instruments and the conventional way of denoting a change of keyboard is by means of a bracket with either a Roman numeral or the name of the keyboard attached to the centre of the left hand side.

Sadly this is currently missing in MuseScore, and as I am in the throes of producing a performing copy of Franck's Chorale in A minor for performance later in June would be very grateful for the inclusion of this in a later release.

I have just been tempted away from Finale 2003 by this excellent scorewriter. It would be nice not to have to revert back for this project :)



A visible example would be useful to non-organists...

Anyway, have you tried using a "staff text"?

1) Select a note near the place where you want the text to appear
2) Menu "Create | Text | Staff text" (or its short cut [Ctrl][T])
3) Type the text you want to appear (if you need some special character, try pressing F2 to have a palette of special characters)
4) Click outside the text to exit text editing
5) Drag the text to the correct position.


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Amazing - you have provided the other half of the answer :)

I would never have thought of looking in the Arpeggio and glissando pallette.

Maybe this sign should be duplicated in one of the other tool palettes - possibly Lines?

Incidentally I'm incredibly impressed with the speed with which you guys have responded :)

Apologies for being several hours behind in replying :)

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