Channel change contained in staff text is not reflected in connected part

• May 3, 2016 - 15:41

In my workflow in use connected parts a lot. I have a strange behavior with staff text containing channel changes in connected parts.

1) If I enter staff text in the main score and apply a channel change, e.g. changing the violin from normal to pizzicato this is not reflected in the connected part. The staff text itself is present in the connected part, but not the channel change.
2) If I copy the staff text (in main score) and paste it to a different staff or different position on the same staff, then it is reflected correctly in the connected part, including the channel change.
3) If I delete the staff text from example 1) from the main score, the text is not deleted in the connected part
4) If I delete the pasted staff text from example 2) in the main score, it is correctly deleted in the connected part as well

Can anyone reproduce this behavior? BTW, the same behavior applies to staff text containing midi actions as well.



Looks like changes made *before* parts are generated will carry the changes, but changes made *afterwards* need to be duoplicated in both score and parts. It's similar for a few other settings where you might realistically *want* them to not be connected (eg, a marking visible in score but not in part or vice versa). In other cases, it feels they probably should be connected but currently aren't. There are bug reports for several of the altter - see for instance #72901: Brackets for accidental do not propagate to linked parts. Wouldn't hurt to submit an official bug report to the issue tracker for this too (eg, use "Help / Report a Bug" from within MuseScore).

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