Support for Playback of Drums Ghost Notes

• May 10, 2016 - 08:46
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When writing drum scores ghost notes can be made visible in the score using bracket, however there is no functionality associated to them concerning playback. It is of course possible to select notes one by one (with and without bracket) and offset their velocity in the navigator.
The request is to have the possibility to associate a velocity offset with the bracket in general, which is
- configurable in the range of +/- 127 (for flexibility, even if for ghost notes only negative values make sense)
- stored per score.
- initialized for each new score with a default value of 0
Im not an expert enough to judge if the bracket on note is used for other purposes than ghost notes, however the feature becomes neutralized by a velocity offset value "0".


For anyone planning to implement this I think it's important here to note that the concept of a ghost note exists for both drums and stringed instruments, and that they are completely different:

  • For drums the ghost note signifies that a note is to be played with very low volume. It is marked by brackets around the given note
  • For stringed instruments like bass guitar a ghost note is a percussive effect which you get by muting an open string with a finger and striking the string. A stringed instrument ghost note is marked by a 'x' notehead

For bass guitar ghost notes are typically 16th notes. I emulate the effect by making these 16th notes staccatissimo and making the notes invisible. This way you get a click like sound with very little pitch information. This however does not work for notes longer than 16th notes while a longer ghost note would be valid I believe (though rare).

Those notes have discernible pitch, like palm mutes on guitar.
The defining characteristic of a ghost note is that it has no discernible pitch, just a percussive quality.

Title Support for Playback of Ghost Notes Support for Playback of Drums Ghost Notes

Sorry to interrupt, but the only commonality to the feature I requested is the term "ghost note". I renamed the issue title, as I do not see any feature request where these two things could be combined. It would probably make more sense to create a separate issue.