Error in 4/4 count

• May 24, 2016 - 04:25
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

The software wants to shortchange me on notes in a measure. Please see attachment.
By my count I should be able to insert another 8th note.

Please advise.
Version = 2.0.2

GIT commit: f51dc11

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musescore buggy measure.jpg 12.64 KB


please show the score, not just a picture of it
I can get to the same result, when the 1st triplet spans a dotted quarter rather than a quarter, and that'd be perferclty correct, try switching the tuplets' number type from number to relation in inspector to check, a triplet on a dotted quarter should show 3:3, on a quarter 3:2

In general, corruption can occasionally happen, and here are instructions on how to fix it when it does: If you need help following these instructiosn to fix your score, please ask for help in the Support forum. If youd like us to address the bug that caused this corruptiod, we'd need not only the score itself, but also information on what led to this - ideally, precise step by step instructions to reproduce a simialr corruption.