Double-click in Special Characters palette while editing tempo text adds as symbol rather than character

• Jun 7, 2016 - 05:06
Reported version
S4 - Minor

This for sure affects tempo texts, as I must drag and drop the symbol I want into the text area, rather than double-clicking the symbol inserting it at the cursor, as I expect to happen. When I double-click the character from the palette, the character is seemingly randomly inserted into the score as visual junk I need to delete.

However, it does not affect staff text or system text (I haven't tested other text fields), so it may only apply to tempo text.


Indeed, it seems it places the character as a separate symbol element rather than as a character within the text. But this happens only for tempo text, and only when inserting the symbol immediately upon creating the text rather than when editing it later. That is, the following fails:

1) click a note
2) Alt+T
3) F2
4) Double-click a symbol

but the following works:

1) click a note
2) Alt+T
3) Esc
4) Double-click the tempo text you just created
5) F2
6) Double-click a symbol

Thanks for the workaround. As an aside, it seems that dragging the symbol to the tempo text doesn't scale and place it like the default one: am I just using the wrong symbol from the character palette?

Elements placed as "Symbols" (rather than characters within text) always use the default size for the font. So whether you drag or double click, the problem is the same: it is being placed as a Symbol - a totally separate element - rather than as a single character within the text element.

Perhaps using the Mac OS character palette would be a usable workaround and insert the symbols directly as text. From my preliminary test, that workaround at least seems plausible.