Add an ukelele low-G string as instrument

• Jun 21, 2016 - 20:20
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S5 - Suggestion

Over the years, the ukulele with a low-G on the fourth string (so G3 instead of G4) has emerged as a new alternative (see: ) to the usual standard, that is to say with a re-entrant tuning (G4 / C4 etc.)

So, the tuning of this Ukulele low-G string would be (bass to treble): G3 / C4 / E4 / A4


"This is a Tenor Ukulele, right?"

The Low-G string is not reserved for the Tenor size. Brands of strings (Aquila, Worth) offers sets of strings with a low-G for Soprano and Concert sizes. So it is that there is a players clientele for this alternative tuning on the inferior sizes of the ukulele family.
Nevertheless, it is probably a bit more common to attribute this Low-g on a Tenor. So let like this.

Sorry, I don't understand what you means by this sentence: "No problem dropping the "Tenor", if that's what is needed." Please, develope your thoughts. What do you plan to do exactly?

Ah yes. So, indeed, just name "Ukulele (Low G)" .
It is better and more appropriate for me, since this encompass the different sizes of ukulele that can receive this Low-G string.