• Jul 3, 2016 - 19:14

For years I worked with Score Perfect Professional SPP4.0 t / m 7.0 in which music works were all saved with the extension * .SON also you had the choice to save a job as a midi file or MusicXML * .XML latter is by MuseScore unfortunately does not recognize as well as all files * .SON. I would also note that when I, when opening a musical work garnered as a midi file, in MuseScore are so many flaws that it is better immediately re-enter the work in question. My question; there is an option that I can read files with the extension * .SON? That would be considering the many musical works that I have can maintain created with that program. Thanks for any suggestion.


SON is, I assume, some sort of undocumented third-party proprietary format. Not much chance of that being supported by anyone other than the company that invented the format. MIDI is of course not a notation format at all, so no surprise a ton of information is lost making it not a good choice. MusicXML should be your best option, but most likely the program exporting the file did not export everything, and certainly MuseScore cannot always import everything, plus different programs have different layout rules leading to different results even from the same information, so some manual editing is to be expected. It's your best bet though.

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