Allow navigator to scroll above/below page

• Jul 4, 2016 - 22:44
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Dragging the navigator's selection rectangle stops at the top/bottom of the active page. It is sometimes desirable to scroll the page even higher (perhaps also lower) so that the physical page edge is in the center of the screen. This is to avoid obscuring the active part of the page with floating windows (palette, selector, etc.) or the soft keyboard used on a tablet. The page can be dragged up manually using the mouse to achieve this; but it would be consistent if the navigator could also be used to achieve the same displays that are possible via cursor scrolling. In the attached example, the lower part of the page cannot be made visible using the navigator.

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I would like this to be an optional feature. I personally don't like being able to scroll off the page because most of the time it is not helpful, but I can see why it is needed in this situation. Ideally MuseScore would be able to detect that part of the page is obscured and then adjust the limits accordingly. That is probably possible for pallets etc, but may be a bit tricky for an onscreen keyboard so an option to increase the scrolling limit would help there.

Yes this sounds exactly right. I agree it should be optional, via a settings switch. I will say that, even on my desktop, I often find myself scrolling the bottom of the page up toward the top of the screen, for a variety of reasons including clarity of vision. Thus I don't think the system should force us to have the bottom of the page at the bottom of the screen. But I agree that many people, perhaps most, would prefer this constraint, especially on the navigator.

I don't think we need a setting—it should just work such that, as far as the score view can go, so to should the Navigator. Currently, you can move the score far enough that only an edge remains in view, but the blue rectangle on the Navigator just shrinks against the edge of the thumbnail, instead of freely extending into the canvas—and thus, by dint of the Navigator alone, there's no way to move the score like that.

Yes, Isaac, this consistency makes more sense. I'm always swayed by backward-compatibility arguments like shoogle's -- I dislike it when things I'm used to suddenly work differently. But the two mechanisms should definitely share the same limits and behavior. Would it be practical to recognize cursor key movement when the navigator has been clicked? That could allow some fine control over positioning, and deal with the issue of the disappearing blue rectangle.