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• Mar 8, 2009 - 12:58

Hi, the text edit windows doesn't seem to change anything on the page numbers, whatever the font I choose.


Kubuntu 8.10
MuseScore 0.9.5 rev 1598

PS actually, it works; here is what I've done: I've been in the menu Style/Style Edition/Numbers. There I've unselected "page numbers", applied (worked), and reselected the same "page numbers". Then apply again, and OK. Then the modifications on the page numbers from the Text style edit window work.
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Tested after reboot of the software (in the same kubuntu session):
The same thing happens, and can be solved the same way.

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tested on 0.6.9 RTM in Windows XP SP3:

several modifications in the text style dlg box do not show up until the score is saved, closed and re-loaded. I tried:

  • font and size
  • Y and relY


  • Title
  • Instrument name long and short
  • Bar number
  • Copyright
  • Page number odd and even

Upon saving, closing and re-loading most settings come into effect, but the font/size for title and for either instrument names do not (they need to be changed manually in the text edit box itself).

I am not sure if this is by design, but I would expect the changes in the text style box to come into effect immediately upon pressing [Apply] or [OK].


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It remains true that font changes for certain "special" text items like page or measure numbers don't take effect until a reload of the score, so if that's what you are seeing, it's a kown issue, and the workaround of relaoding will have to do until 2.0, which fixes this (and addresses a number of other issues with how text works).

If you are experiencing something else, please strt a new thread and describe your problem with a copy of the actual score (not just screenshots) and steps to reproduce.

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