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• Jul 31, 2016 - 23:20

is it possible to create quarter note triplets in Musescore? Everytime I select triplet it creates eighth note triplets from the quarter note I have selected. If I select three quarter notes, it does not allow me to make a triplet.


Select the position you would like the 1/4 note triplet.
Select 1/4 duration.
Press Ctrl-3.

Result, triplets with 3 -1/8ths in the time of 2/8ths.

Vary as needed for other durations.


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All tuplets are created the same way:

1) select the *total duration* for the tuplet
2) press Ctrl+number to divde that total duration into the desired number of pieces

A quarter note triplet adds up to the same duration as a half note, and you want to divide it into three pieces. So, first select the half note duration (eg, from the toolbar, or by pressing the shortcut 6), then press Ctrl+3.

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I've had the same problem -- the issue could be a mismatch between the value of the item highlighted on the score and the value of the input selected via the toolbar or keypad. So, if I have been entering 3:2 quarter note triplets in one measure, then press ctrl+3 in the subsequent measure, MuseScore follows the toolbar selection rather than the duration of rest under the cursor.

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The key, as explained in the Handbook, is to start by selecting the *total length* of the tuplet, not the length of one note within it. A quarter note triplet adds up to two beats, so that is why you start by selecting the half note.

The mistake that the OP made was to select “three [quarter-]notes.”   You should select one note that is of the duration that you desire for the entire tuplet ... not multiple notes.

The single note that you select will be replaced by an n-tuplet of identical duration.

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