Number repeated measures?

• Aug 16, 2016 - 04:33

Not sure how this would be implemented, but it is quite common for repeated measures to be numbered(extremely long held notes, or any use of the 'repeat measure' sign). I can do it using the guitar fret numbers from the symbols palette... but might there be an option to have it done automatically?

Would be really useful/time-saving.


Well, for one thing, I wouldn't suggest fingerings - they need to be attached to specific notes and would need to be positioned manually. Instead, at least use staff text. But if you use rehearsal marks, you can get it semi-automatic. Select the range, double click the rehearsal mark in the Text palette. Then edit the first one to say "1" (or "2" if you prefer to start there). Now reselect the range and use Edit / Tools / Resequence Rehearsal Marks. Then you can select just the marks and use the Inspector to change the text style to Staff Text, or a custom style of your choosing. Not sure it's worth the effort when staff is so easy to add, but if you've got dozens of them, I guess it could help.

I'm just cross-linking to the musescore issue for multi-measure repeats:

The reason I'm cross linking is to make sure that the display method for each of these features don't conflict with eachother.

I notice that the built-in sibelius feature is using parenthesis () above the measure to indicate the value of the counter. I think parenthesis are a good way to go, since I think parenthesis are best used to indicate information which is not required to be read by the reader. Multi-measure repeats might use a number ontop of the center of the measure to indicate the number of measures that are repeated. Need to avoid potential conflict between these two feature if both try to display their number in the same space above the measure.

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