Shared noteheads aren't shared

• Aug 23, 2011 - 01:22
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I have to use two voices sometimes when two parts have a unison pitch and duration (examples included). The notehead should be shared with two stems, one up and one down. When I change the notehead from round to a shape (I use the Aiken seven shape system) the noteheads are no longer shared. If I use the Shape Note plug-in to convert all notes to round noteheads, then use it to convert them all back to Aiken shapes, the noteheads are shared properly. However, any editing, including clicking on a note or pressing Ctrl+A, causes the noteheads to separate again. In these examples, Show Invisible is selected. The first example shows what I have accomplished. Notice the pick-up type measures that begin each system. Note also that all the noteheads are shaped properly, but those that should be shared aren't.
The second example shows the result after I use the Shape Note plug-in to convert to normal round notes. To my surprise, the noteheads still aren't shared properly and not all the noteheads were converted! I have had to manually convert some round noteheads to their proper shape. I believe they were all in the lower staff.
The third example shows the wonderful results I get when I use the Shape Note plug-in to convert the noteheads back to the seven shape format. It looks wonderful! Even the noteheads are shared properly!
The fourth example shows that my joy is short lived after clicking on a note without making any other changes. The noteheads are no longer shared.
Even though I can get the results I need, it is frustrating as I try to correct formatting problems to repeatedly use the Shape Note plug-in to convert the notes back to round notes and then use it again to convert them back to shape notes every time I correct something in order to see if the formatting is correct. I hope someone can correct this problem.

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The problem only occurs for notes that have a different glyphs for up and down stems. (Currently C, B, F, D)
I'm not sure why C, B and D should have different shapes depending on the stem direction. But F is very different. What should happen for F? The note should be hidden? Which one?

Title Shared noteheads aren't shared Shared noteheads aren't shared


You have been very helpful in the past, but I am confused by your question.

The problem these examples illustrate is with the G notes in the treble clef staff. The first example shows that the soprano and alto parts aren't sharing the notehead on G in the pick-up measure even after using the Shape Note plug-in to convert them to round notes as shown in the second example. The second example also shows that some of the shaped noteheads in the bass clef staff didn't convert to round noteheads.

The third example shows that everything looks perfect after using the Shape Note plug-in to convert noteheads to shaped noteheads. The fourth example shows that perfection is temporary. The process of converting back to round noteheads and then converting to shaped noteheads again must be repeated every time anything is changed to check if there are any more changes needed, since the adjacent noteheads affect spacing and stretch.

Your question seems to be directed more toward my comment elsewhere about stems not reaching the shaped noteheads in certain cases. Stems for Do when coming from above don't always reach the corner of the triangle. Stems for Re and Ti don't connect with their noteheads when coming from below. This problem may be worse when the stems are shortened.

The only notehead with a different glyph for up and down stems is Fa. You handle that perfectly, better than Finale!

I selected Show Invisible in case there was a hidden reason for my problems. It illustrates that there are rests in the bass clef staff that can't be deleted and they were not replaced by the notes I entered. That is a minor irritation.

I hope this clears any mis-communications I have caused.

P.S. Were you able to see my PowerPoint upload with the finished score of "Happy Am I?" I have started a new transcription of a song in public domain of similar complexity. I will be able to share that when it is completed.

Status (old) active fixed

Noteheads are only shared, if both noteheads use the same head type. Some heads use different glyphs for upstem and downstem. MuseScore compared the actual glyphs instead the head type. This is fixed in r4752.