Uneven Formatted Measures

• Sep 2, 2016 - 06:48
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

Please look at two attach screenshots, No.1 is the one original, uneven; No. 2 is the one better.

When editing the second measure on second staff, I pressed shift+ { on it, No. 1 is the mini width I could get, I figured out it could be the bottom added short note lines prevente me to do it, somewhere in the system there is a setting for mini distance between them. No. 2 is the one manually clicked notes to move them, which looks much better, I feel they are then the same playing speed, and it pleases eyes.

The Q is now, where is the auto setting? if it's a large score, manual job would be frustrating.



This option used to be available in 1.x but got removed as it caused more trouble than it solved, also constant width measures are not the norm in published editions and the rule even says to avoid them.
Please in the futur go to the forum first rather than directly into the issue tracker and esp.on this issue search the site, you'll find numerous discussions about this

searched, as there is no convention/standarded name for these added short lines, search did not return results relevant.


By the way, who made that rule? is it suppose to be broken?