A drumset-editing issue that occurs when using 3rd-party soundfonts

• Sep 3, 2016 - 18:12

There are plenty of percussive soundfonts that use the "standard" category instead of "drumset." When using them, I have to deselect the "drumset" checkbox so that I can choose the voices I want. At first, everything seems fine. However, as soon as I re-open the score, the program seems to realize that I'm not editing a drumset, and stop showing the drumset-entering interface. Thus I cannot enter anything because the soundfont is not mapped on the standard palette.
Is there anyway to force Musescore to show the drumset-entering interface, or a way to mark those 3rd party soundfonts as drumsets, or any other method to solve this problem?


MuseScore expects soundfonts to obey the General MIDI standard by default, sounds like maybe you are trying to use a non-conforming soundfont that does not organize its sounds in the usual way. It would be *possible* to use such a soundfont, but if it does not organize its sounds as a drumset at all, then you won't be able to use the drumset freature in MuseScore. Which is to say, you won't be able to have a single staff where each staff is a different sound and different notehead etc.

If your soudfont is in fact GM-compatible, then in order to understand the problem you are having, you would need to attach the score and tell us which soundfont.

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Thanks for replying. I guess it's not a GM-compatible soundfont since it does not belong to "drumset" category in the mixer. But the problem is that I cannot enter even a single note using that soundfont. You see, Bass Drum in Musescore contains only one kind of sounds, but it is still recognized as a drumset.

If you are willing to see what's happening, here are the information:
Musescore version: 2.0.3 || revision number: 3c7a69d.
Soundfont: Roland's orchestral rhythm, downloaded from here.

How to rehearse:
1) Open any score. Add or choose an existing staff for unpitched percussion. I'm using Bass Drum here.
2) In the mixer, uncheck "drumset" and choose any Roland soundfont with unpitched percussion. I'm using Roland Concert BD here.
3) Press "N" to enter and the staff should act like a drumset.
4) Close the score and re-open it. Now probably nothing can be entered.

Some other sounds like Snare Drums, Tambourines or Tam-tams, etc. should encounter the same problem.

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