Can rhythmic notation be reset?

• Sep 3, 2016 - 20:22


Does MuseScore have an option to respell rhythm, as per Respell Pitches?

I changed a piece to compound from simple and the rhythms went all crotchety-quaver, so I manually changed each tied pair to a dotted crotchet.

An example would be this piece, which isn't mine:

I'd like to make the rhythm legible on the stave as per standard rules of notation.




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I'd love the function of automatically "respelling" rhythm across one or more entire instrument staves. For instance, having two tied quavers at the start of a bar converted to a crotchet. This could be a plugin.

Thanks for your replies thus far and sorry that I'm not good at explaining!

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That much wouldn't be terribly complicated, but it seems to not be especially related to your original example. I'm still struggling to understand what you expected to see happen there. What is the name of the corresponding Finale or Sibelius command, and can you show the results it would have produced in that particular example?

@musicalsam, MuseScore now has this ability thanks to my Semi-Realtime MIDI project for GSoC. You can try it in the nightly builds via the menu option "Format > Reset Note and Rest Groupings". Please note that groupings within tuplets are not yet implemented.

If you have a long piece to convert then I recommend you open the score in a nightly build, reset the rhythms, and then export it as MusicXML so that you can open it again in the release version of MuseScore.

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