File > Open Recent lists unsaved files (regression)

• Mar 14, 2009 - 06:31
Reported version
  1. File > New...
  2. Go through new score wizard and press Finish to create score
  3. View the File > Open Recent

Expected behavior: The new score should not be listed in the Open Recent menu until it has been saved (since an unsaved file cannot be reopened).

Actual behavior: The new score is listed in the Open Recent menu and is unusable (even if you eventually save it).

Suggestion: File > New should not add to the Open Recent menu. Only File > Open and File > Save As should trigger a change for this menu.


If the file has never been saved before then File > Save should also trigger a change to the Open Recent menu. In r.1792 the newly saved file does not show in the Open Recent menu unless you specifically use File > Save As.

File > Save now adds the file to the Open Recent list as expected. However it doesn't always use the right name.

  1. Create a new score (don't add any title)
  2. File > Save
  3. In the Save dialog box call it something like "test.mscz"
  4. File > Open Recent > Untitled (Notice that the file shows up as "Untitled" instead of "test" in the Open Recent list)
  5. The newly opened file is blank

File > Save As works as expected.


I was working on 'The Gallant Seventh', then I saved it. When I went to open it back up (I was checking to see if it saved), the only thing that showed up in 'Open' was a save that had nothing done. It says the last time I worked on it was 11:00 am earlier today, even though it's almost 10:00 pm. What happened?

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