MuseScore 2.x and SIERRA (iMac OS 10.12)

• Sep 13, 2016 - 04:10

Compatible with Sierra iMac OS 10.12
I have the GM version of Sierra sitting on my desktop.
But this is my most important program (thank you)
IS IT COMPATIBLE with Sierra OS 10.12
Am I going to run into any problems?


We have not received any reports of MuseScore 2.0.3 running on Sierra. I'll report back once we have some news, good or bad.

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The first time I started 2.0.3 on Sierra all was well, but now, even after a reboot, the main window is black. The interface is still responding (I can hear notes as I type letter for example), but the music score is black on black.

Setting up a new piece looks fine until get to set the key, and then that window is also black -- so anything to do with the music typesetting is failing in some way?

Screenshot attached.

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OK so it turns out that in Preferences->Canvas, the paper colour was set to black. I've set it to white and I'm back in business.

Not sure how that happened -- I haven't been messing with the preferences. Perhaps there's a keyboard chord I typed accidentally? Failing that it must be a bug of some sort?

Anyway, I'm happy once again. Puzzled, but happy.


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For me, at least, the canvas paper colour defaults to black every time I start Musescore -- I have to reset it to black every time.

And if I don't reset the paper colour the app quits fine, but when I _do_ reset the paper colour to white, quitting Musescore gets me a "MuseScore quit unexpectedly." dialog.

I can confirm that all is good on my system. Upgraded to MacOS Sierra last night and my previously installed MuseScore (2.0.3) seems to work fine.

I have learned that “computer software is like fine wine – let it age.”

Although Apple is a little better about software quality when they are not racing to have something new to show at “Dub Dub Dee Cee” (WWDC = World-Wide Developer’s Conference), I still don’t install the initial release of any OS.   I wait a few months, then put the installation media onto a DVD or a flash-drive to do the actual install.

For me, MuseScore stopped working after upgrading to Sierra (10.12.1); it gets stuck even before opening any windows or the splash screen. Right-clicking allows me to force-quit.

Here's how it looks when run in the terminal:

$ /Applications/MuseScore\
initScoreFonts 0x7fa084630b40

Running it in lldb and Instruments reveals it's stuck getting the list of printers via Qt/printtool. The Printers preferences app gets stuck as well, indicating this is a system-wide problem. I found one thread describing a problem with a stuck Printers app on Sierra, so this could potentially affect other MuseScore users as well.

Just for the record, here's the call tree .

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