Endings Question

• Sep 13, 2011 - 11:24
S4 - Minor

Title basicallly say it all,

1. loading a score (created with 1.1) that uses repeats with 1st and 2nd time ending
2: play

expected result: in the 1st round the 1st ending should be play in the 2nd round the 2nd ending
actual result:1st time ending is played in 1st and 2nd round.


Title [trunk] R4776 1st time endings get played 2nd time too Endings Question

Hold up. About the 1st and 2nd endings, I'm making a piece in which after coming to D.C. al Fine, I want the 1st ending to play again. Problem is, it won't. I tried placing the 3rd ending on it as well, but nothing happened. How do I get the 1st ending to play itself again?

See this post on the French forum... http://musescore.org/fr/node/20197#comment-75284 for same problem.

I translate the first paragraph :

The volta 1 indicates that only the first passage is played. A recovery is skipped. So far so good but a DS or DC return is seen as a continuation of the second passage and therefore the volta 1 is logically jumped because already running.

NB. The Voltas not work with DS or DC and is not a bug.