Clef change being placed both before and after barline

• Sep 23, 2016 - 19:13

I just finished putting together a songbook then realized that I have clef changes that appear both before and after the bar lines in my pieces. I don't know how that happens or how to prevent it from happening. Is Musescore supposed to put the clef before or after the bar line in a clef change? And is there an easy way to change them? You can see that in ms 79 and 91 the clefs are placed differently on the same page. Screenshot (23).png


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Thanks, but there seems to be quite a bit of miscommunication here. The notes are fine. I just have the clefs in two different places at different times. They need to be consistent. Either they are before the line or after the line when it's not a courtesy clef. The screen shot should explain what I mean.

If you add a clef to a *measure* - either but selecting the measure then double clicking the clef, or dragging and making sure the entire measure highlights - then it shows before the barline. If you instead add the clef to a specific nite, then the clef always just before that note.

There are two ways to insert a clef change (both from the F9 Clefs palette).

The first is drag-and-drop; you click-and-hold on a clef in the Clefs palette, then drag it to a specific measure in the score, holding the mouse button until the entire measure turns blue-grey. This clef change takes effect at the beginning of that measure, and the clef will be placed before the end barline of the preceeding measure, whether it falls at the end of a system or not (MuseScore continuously revises the system and page breaks as new material is added or existing material is edited).

The second way to insert a clef change is to select the note or rest before which the clef change should occur (click on it; it will turn blue), and then double-click on the new clef in the F9 palette. In this case, the clef will be placed after the barline (if you've clicked on the first note or rest of the measure) or directly before the note or measure you've selected.

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