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I put a crescendo hairpin under a bar, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the volume at all.


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well...I 'm surely doing some wrong thing (or not the right thing), because on playback I can't hear any difference. I'm attaching a score saved with this nightly (which is using the FluidR3 Mono embebbed in the nightly). In bar 7, for the cellos, there is a pp to fff hairpin over tied notes. I don't hear any difference. Can you point me what's wrong?

(I tried too with untied notes, and in this case, I hear a abrupt pp to fff leap in the volume level, as always)

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There are two things to keep in mind when using the crescendo/decrescendo hairpins:
1) To get the effect, you need to change its "Velocity Change" setting in the Inspector (F8) to something noticeable.
2) The only notes affected will be those between the beginning and ending anchor points (dashed lines), and not necessarily those that are physically above/below the hairpin. You can change the beginning/ending anchor point by double-clicking on the crescendo, then clicking the box at either end and pressing [Shift] + [->] or [Shift] + [<-] to move right or left by one note.
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I don't really use MuseScore for playback, so I'm not very good with getting everything to sound correct, but I can direct you to the article in the online handbook: Crescendo/Diminuendo Lines
Two key things to note are that 1) for the playback to work, you need to edit the hairpin's "Velocity Change" in the inspector and 2) if you need to elongate the line, don't just drag its (physical) endpoint; also change the ending anchor point.
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