Crash on closing score

• Mar 17, 2009 - 15:42
S2 - Critical

1/ copy url
2/ open musescore
3/ Ctrl-O
4/ Ctrl-V
5/ Ctrl-W
Crash on r1636


Somehow i miss something as i cannot reproduce the problem and never saw it. In step #3 i understand you open the xml file. What does step #4 paste? Step #5 results in an empty canvas on my system. I tested only kubuntu and the windows version under wine.

CTRL-O opens the file browser in musescore, CTRL-V paste the http url into the file field and press Enter. I will load in the xml file over the net into musescore. After that CTRL-W which crashes MuseScore.

In Windows you can paste a URL of a file into the file browser and it automagically downloads it, saves it as a temporary file, and opens it. However this is unrelated to the crash.

When I open and close any file on the local file system MuseScore crashes.

In rev. 1642 i fixed a memory corruption which happens on deleting a score. This may fix the crash on removing a score with ctrl+w. I still cannot reproduce it even on windows. Sometimes this kind of bug depends on the exact memory layout of the binary to get visible.

I can reproduce with r1642. I just open Adeste and close the tab, Ctrl+W or mouse in the top right corner.
How can I investigate further?