Capella import is wrong

• Sep 21, 2011 - 19:00
S4 - Minor

If you open with capella viewer and MuseScore
you will see the difference.


There are always differences. What do you mean?
What version of MuseScore are you using?

It would be most helpful to provide a small test file which only shows the bug in question.

Musescore verson 1.1

Sorry for german but I dont know the terms.If you compare capella and musescore the differences are plain visible.

4/4 Takt B-Dur?
Capells Auftakt ,Musescore: kein AUftakt, beginnt mit dem 1 Takt

Musescore berhöt einige Noten(#), wo Capella es nicht tut...


I see it as 4/4, F-Major on both, MuseScore 1.1 and Capella 7.
The extra accidentials (Versetzungszeichen, b and #) in MuseScore disappear after a 'recalculate' (Menü/Noten/Vesetzungzeichen neu berechnen resp. Menu/Note/Pitch Spell)
The pickup measure ('Auftakt') indeed is a problem that remains.

What bothers me too is the lost text. I've submitted an issue against it some months ago...

Status (old) active fixed

Its mostly fixed in current trunk.
For reporting bugs on capella import its best to report only one problem per report and to prepare a small capella file which only shows this bug. As i dont have windows/capella running it would be also very helpful to prepare a pdf/image of the expected output.