My text disappears

• Oct 4, 2016 - 04:00

Activating the multi-measure rest option, (Style/general/Create multimeasure rests) my text disappears.


What text disappeared? I don't see any text missing in your picture.

In general, best to post the actual score, not just a picture of it, and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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The reason probably (I can reproduce so...) is because you have in the first measure:

1) Entering the text "Intro"
2) do "Escape"
3) and after this, making a second text operation by typing "Alto Sax Eb" (in bold character, no matter here)
Result: when you enable the mm rests, the second text entered (ie Alto Sax Eb) in this process is erased

- So, for avoiding this, you have just to enter the two words in the same/unique text operation (by Ctrl +T)

ie, enter "Alto Sax Eb" -> press "Enter" key -> enter "Intro" (see image below) and after this only, Escape:

For final result (after bold character change and better positionning)

- Or with your preferred layout:
And new final result:

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Better yet - don't use staff text for this; use the proper type of text - Instrument Name. Better still, let MuseScore take care of all of this for you - the transposition, the instrument name, and the Multimeasure Rests - by creating the score first and meeting MuseScore generated the parts for you, correctly and automatically, via File / Parts. You shouldn't be having to mess with any of these things manually.

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Not sure what you mean about making changes as you go along - nothing about what I described prevents that. In fact, MuseScore's parts facility makes this far easier than doing it manually - changes to your score are automatically reflected in parts and vice verse.

As for screwing up, if you have a specific score and precise to reproduce a problem, please share them. But in general, MuseScore will do the job of generating parts from a score far more quickly, accurately , and completely than you would be to do yourself.

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This is *not* a part generated using the automatic facility I mentioned. had you used that facility, it would have worked. The problem is caused by your using the wrong type of text for the instrument name. You used an instrument *change* text instead of a part name. Instrument changes would not normally be placed on empty measures - they would be placed at the actual point of change. The part name, on the other hand, is added to the title frame and not attached to any specific measure.

Had you used the automatic facility, this and many more things would have been taken care of correctly. Not saying you have to do this, but this example is actually a good argument for why it is usually better to do things the way MuseScore was designed to be used.

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If he was the only one, it's probably because it is so easy for everyone to figure out stuff that works intuitively for everyone else..

The aside, I also noted you're entering (although your text indicated for Alto Sax Eb) your score on a single Treble Piano staff. If you were to use an actual Alto Sax staff you'd get the partname (instrument) generation for free as well as automatically handled notation transposing required for that instrument.

How is writing a Sax part for a Piano staff more "intuitive" than just writing it for Alto Sax?

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Apologies if I came across too cross, that was not my intention at all.

I assume the score is not yet finished? If not, the presence of the To Coda without any DC makes me wonder about what the expected playback order should be.
But if the score is still being composed and that part isn't written yet, no worries and keep on exploring MuseScore :)

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It's ok, I can handle a punsh :-) Yes, the score is finished.

MuseScore can’t find the coda sign either. It is where the text ‘Alto sax Eb’ is.

Maybe it should be ‘Dal Segno Al Fine’ and replace the coda with a segno. I don’t really know the right way for doing this. The first 4 staffs should be replayed (with their repetitions) before continuing till the end. I tried several ways but MuseScore ignores them all, so I left it.

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