Staff texts after the first are ignored in multimeasure rests

• Nov 12, 2014 - 15:09
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I have found that when opening a file created in an earlier version the rehearsal marks do not show multiple measures correctly. When the rehearsal mark is at the beginning of multiple measures of rests, a single measure is shown and then the remainder of measures are shown as a multiple bar rests with a number. If I delete (in the score) all the rehearsal marks and re establish them the multiple rests come out correctly. This is an easy fix but a small inconvenience when using an older file.

Could this be fixed in a newer release.

Also, when creating time signatures, it would be nice to have them shown in the main palette instead of having to open the Master Palette to utilize them. Another minor inconvenience but would be nice if fixed.

As a whole I am very pleased with the beta 1 of your program. Keep up the great work you are doing for us amateur musicians/composers out here in the real world.

Paul Hewitt


Which older version do you mean? Files with rehearsal marks created in any *supported* version of MuseScore - ie, an official release like 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 - should import just fine. But it is true that scores created in earlier experimental nightly builds won't always import correctly. That's to be expected and generally won't be fixed - the warnings on the nightly builds are intended to make that clear.

If you are experiencing problems with a score created in an official supported release - 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 - please post the specific score you are having problems and describe the exact steps to reproduce the problem you are seeing. Also see if you can reproduce the problem in a *current* nightly build, which should be an improved version of the Beta in all ways (lots of bugs fixed, including more than a few involving multimeasure rests).

But I just tried it with a simple test score created in 1.3 - an empty score, I added some rehearsal marks, turned on multimeasure rests, and saved, then loaded into the current nightly build - and it worked just fine.

As for time signatures, once you create a time signature on the master palette, you can add it to your regular time signature palette and have it available there from then on. You need to first create a new workspace to make your palettes editable. And in any event, it is better to use the forum to discuss ideas for new features and/or ask for help in how to do something.

It's the official 1.3 version with all updates from your .org site. I never used any of the nightly. Was unsure if they would create problems with my system. I have found that when you just re-enter the rehearsal marks, the number of multiple rests corrects itself.

Ok, so you are starting with a score created in an older pre-1.3 version, then opening in 1.3, and you see a problem?

I do seem to recall issues with rehearsal marks behaving like this at one point. I think the bug was probably in the older pre-1.3 version. It appears that bug was long ago fixed though. Feel free to post the specific score you are having problems with and steps to reproduce so we can be sure.

But be aware 1.3 won't receive more fixes, and this issue trascker is really just for bugs in 2.0. BTW, the Beta and Nightly builds of 2.0 do not interfere with 1.3 in any way, so you are free to install one and experiment. But they are not ready for "real" use yet.

This as I explained in first message is when I open a 1.3 downloaded version file in 2.0 Beta 1.
I do understand that even when Microsoft issues a new version to its office, some of the older files open and need to be tweaked.
I just thought someone from programming would like to know that this is happening so IF they can they can fix it in a future update.

Also as I stated I do not use Nightly updates. I wait for the fixes/updates to come from the .org page programmers.

Thanks again


OK, if it's an issue loading something into 2.0, that *is* a bug we need to know about so we can fix. But as I stated, we need to see the actual score you are having problems with, because right now, I cannot reproduce this when I try to create a score with rehearsal marks and multimeasure rests in 1.3 and load it into 2.0. It works perfectly for me. So if you wish to see this bug fixed, please post the score you are having problems with so we can see where the problem is. BTW< it is possible this is a bug that was already fixed since the Beta, as I remember other similar things being fixed, but I am pretty sure this specific case has worked for a long time.

Its weird If I open it in 2.0 the rehearsal marks work OK.

However, if I open the file I saved in 2.0 and open it in the Nighly 11-12-2014 it doesn't show the rehearsal mark for A but everything else works.

The Score.mscz is from the original 1.3 Version.
The Battle Hymn Score. mscz is Saved in 2.0 Beta 1 Download

Guess I'll just use the 2.0 Beta 1 version for now.

Paul Hewitt

Not sure if there is a problem or not??????

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Title rehearsal marks Staff texts after the first are ignored in multimeasure rests

If I load either of these files into the latest 2.0 nightly, then I find the reharsal letter "A" does not display in the parts with mmrests (eg, the very first part, Eb soprano cornet), but the rest of the rehearsal letters display normally. Does this match what you are seeing?

I believe this is because the score contains an empty text element mark at "A" in addition to the one you can see, and MuseScore is only displaying the *first* staff text mark it sees in the multi-measure rest. Since it is empty, you don't see it. What makes matters worse is that for 1.3 scores, rehearsal marks are actually read as staff text, so all three markings in this measure - the empty one, the letter "A", and the word "Gently" - are all considered staff text, and the first (empty) one is being displayed.

I'm updating the title of this issue to reflect what I see going on. If you see issues aside from this one, please let me know where else to be looking. But this was the only discrepancy I saw offhand.

Problem where only first staff text of a measure gets included is here:…

We've already found a staff text in the original measure, now we're looking for one in the mmrest measure. But we stop if we've found any element of the same *type* (and track); we don't check that it's the same actual text.

I'm actually not that concerned about multiple staff texts not displaying. I'm more concerned with rehearsal marks and staff texts both displaying. And if we manage to get rehearsal marks to import as such rather than as staff text, that should fix the problem right there - except for this case in which there is an empty staff text masking all of this.

my first score
select 1st rest, add staff text "1"
select 1st rest, add staff text "2" (optionally Position up/down/left/right, so both are fully visible)
hit M
result: "2" is gone

Fix version