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I had been previously working on a huge piece I had put a lot of time into, and every time I made a change I saved it. Every. Single. Time. I've been working super hard on it for months and poured my heart into it.
I turn on my computer this evening and for whatever ridiculous reason, the only version of that piece in the system is an early one from last June. A ginormous amount of work gone for NO REASON.
If anyone happens to know how I could get this file back, that would be amazing. I don't know how this happened. Again, I saved it at least two or three times a day JUST so this wouldn't happen. Yet here I am. Please help. Thank you!


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I searched for it on the whole computer and followed those instructions and still can only find the older version where almost everything I added over the past few months is missing. Is there anything more I can try? I'm freaking out trying to find this, I put so much time into it and I see no reason why it would just vanish when I saved it as much as I did

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No it doesn't. We had rare occasions where on save it created an empty or corrupt file, but I don't remember reports about having deleted existing files entirely and just leaning a months old file.

Anyway, you should keep backups, not just writing over the same file again and again.
One way might be save online on MuseScore.com, another would one of the numerous cloud services, like Google Drive, Microsoft's One Drive, dropbox, box.com, etc. and/or some external disk or thumb drive.
Too late now, most probably, but something to keep in mind for the futur

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Excuse for the questions, but just to be sure:

There is no similar file shown like in the first picture below in your session directory path (depending on your OS, for windows for example "%LOCALAPPDATA%\MuseScore\MuseScore2\")?

You activate on your OS that hidden files are shown and you find no file of your piece with comma at the end of the extension (see second picture)?

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This has also happened to me. For the past few months I have been working on a piece for someone i really look up to deadline is this Friday. I went on it today even though I know I have saved it more than once just to find half of it MISSING! where did it go I do not know. Just like you I can't seem to find a way to get my progress back and because of it I had to tell the person I look up to that he will not get his piece in time. It took me forever to finish it this is a major set back and makes me look horrible as a composer. I suggest to the creators of musescore to look into this issue and maybe figure out the problem.

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If you saved it, it is there somewhere, perhaps just in a different folder than where you are looking. Do a complete search of your hard drive for MSCZ files, using whatever facilities your OS provides. if necessary, enlist the help of someone in your area with more computer expertise.

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