Help, my note input toolbar disappeared and I can't bring it back

• Oct 6, 2016 - 20:37

Hi, when I start up Musescore, my note input toolbar is simply not there. The scripted"N" with all the note values arranged to its right sequentially in a line just never appears anymore.

There is another toolbar, horizontal, at the top of the screen, which includes a folder, a disc, and a printer icon. But the notes are gone.

Under the "view" pulldown, there is no option to bring back (or hide, for that matter) the note input toolbar.

I am aware that all toolbars can be moved around the screen, and no, I did not accidentally move it to a horizontal or other position. It is simply not there, at all.

Without the use of the note input toolbar, my use of the program is crippled.

Help! Can anyone tell me how to restore it?




Eureka I just solved my own problem

So it turns out that there is no checkbox for the note input tool under the "view" tab. (AND BY THE WAY THERE SHOULD BE, MAY I SUGGEST FIXING THIS)

However, for some unknown reason, if you right click on any of the toolbars that are up, you will get a pulldown checklist menu that does include the note input toolbar.

So the option to re-check is there, it's just pretty damn well hidden

(I think I must have accidentally clicked it at some point in the past)

Thanks! And may I suggest fixing this in the next edition? I think there should be a note input toolbar checkbox under the master pulldown menu under the "view" tab, because the place it is now is almost impossible to find


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Agreed. This is analogous to some Windows toolbars that can be devilishly difficult to find and re-establish if they're closed inadvertently. Ideally, the drop-down under View should have a checkbox to show or hide that toolbar.

Is this worthy of a Feature Request in the Issue Tracker?

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It's not clear what "come down" means here - the original thread was about someone who had actually turned it off entirely. if that's what happened to you, then right-click in the toolbar area (Ctrl+click or two-finger tap on your computer) and turn it back on from the menu that appears. Or go to View / Toolbars and turn it on from there.

I went nuts when this happened to me today. Here is how I fixed it

  1. Highlight CONCERT PITCH
    2 A menu will drop down.
  2. Check "INPUT NOTE {or Note Input}, the very last check mark on my menu.
  3. You'll note toolbar will magically appear.

Glad I kept my VIsta XP computer that has 1.3 MuseScore. I went there to see if it worked. Sure enough No problems. Works perfectly. I am sick of this Farmer in the DELL computer. So I'm going back to my XP, which is simple and stupid and works. So I'm taking printing ALL my score sheets and fixing up what I left unfinished in my XP when I went to this DELL POS computer.

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Feel free to use your XP computer, but MuseScore 1.3 is severely limited and extremely buggy compared to current versions of MuseScore, so I definitely don't recommend going back to that. You won't be able to open any of your current scores with it anyhow. If you are having trouble with the Dell, by all means use your old one, but do update to MuseScore 2.3.2.

For the record, when this thread was started, there was no way to enable/disable the note input toolbar via the menu - and that applies to MuseScore 1.3 as well. But in the interim, that capability has been added; all you really needed to do was go to View / Toolbars.

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If your Dell is newer but you don't like the newer version of Windows that comes with it you could consider scrapping Windows and installing “ubuntu studio” which comes with a recent, stable version of MuseScore already loaded.

One word of warning, though, Windows still does Bluetooth sound better than ubuntu.

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