Text style not honored for dynamics, segno, or coda

• Oct 8, 2011 - 13:32
S4 - Minor

I use the German version of MuseScore, so I don't know if I will pick the right English Word for every item - sorry if I won't...

For one of my templates I preselected the font Comic sans MS for all the elements. And when I open the format-menu, this font is displayed.
But when I use the template, some of the elements appear in Times New Roman though.

The preselection does work on lyrics, chord-names, title, composer and some more.

It does not work on the volta-text, repetition instructions (like da capo) and fingering. Maybe there are also some others. I don't use every option.

When I open the properties-menu and change the font afterwards, sometimes (e.g. with the volta-text) even the selection of "use on all elements of the same type" (in German "auf alle Elemente gleichen Typs anwenden") does not work.

- Not a grave problem but a little tiresome, and I would appreciate it if you could fix it in one of the next versions.

All in all - a great software - thank you!


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Just tried it myself. Voltas work now. Repeat text still doesn't, at least not at first.

Steps to reproduce:

1) make any change to any of the repeat text styles
2) drag a repeat text (eg, "To Coda") from the palette to the score

Expected result: text has desired text style
Actual result: text has default text style

However, if you then double click the text to edit it, the text immediately changes to the desired text style.

This currently works as expected for the plain text repeat symbols - To Coda et al. However, it does not work for the segno or coda signs themselves. These are always displayed using the current score font, albeit at the size specified by the text style. I guess most fonts won't have segno and coda, but MuseJazz does, and it would be nice to be able to continue to take advantage of this. Maybe this will take care of itself if we move to use of Bravura Text for things like repeats?

Title Font preselection doesn't work on every element Text style not honored for dynamics, segno, or coda

Dynamics don't work in this respect either, at least when using double click from the palette to add them, and this goes for size and position as well as font. That is, the Dynamics text style is ignored when a dynamic is added to your score via double click; it always adds using the default font, size, and position regardless of what the style says. However, if you then go back to the style and make any change and hit Apply or OK, the style *is* applied. If you use drag & drop, the style honored right away.

For segno and coda, position and size are always honored; it's only the font itself that is not. Drag and drop is the only way I know of to add these.

Current implementation is that these elements use the "Musical text font" defined for the score in Style / General rather than the font specified in text style, since these rely on special SMuFL characters not present in most fonts. That's fine, and seems to work currently. Size and position from text style are honored, and double click now works correctly for dynamics.

The remaining question for me is *which* style should be applied for segno and coda. We have Repeat text which claims in the code to be obsolete but hat is actually used for these, and we have Repeat Text Left and Repeat Text Right which I assume were meant to replace Repeat Text, but aren't currently used except in MusicXML import. Repeat Text Right doesn't actually work as far as I can tell (assuming it is intended to align to the end of the measure), so maybe that's why it's not being used.

Status (old) active fixed

And given that there is a separate issue regarding placement of repeats and the choice of text style for them, I think we can close this issue. Font attributes such as size and position from text style are now honored for all elements; the font itself is honored for all except the special symbols that come from the "Musical text font".