Silencing a stave.

• Oct 11, 2011 - 00:10

I am a singer and can scan music into Photoscore Ultimate as a midi
> file. I then put this into MuseScore and learn the song with the
> accompaniment. I would like to silence the voice stave and just have
> the accompaniment playing. However, I can't find how to silence the
> "tune". This would also be useful for parts singing where one part
> could be silenced once learned. This would be a useful way of learning
> and practicing the tune or part as applicable with the accompaniment. This could also apply
> to instrument parts. Can you help??


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I've since learned that a stave can be removed in the "INSTRUMENTS" menu. However upon re-instating the stave the lyrics are lost !!! This method will work for instruments that have no voice, but for a singer the lyrics are important. I am going to keep a copy before I do this so that I can re-instate it this way.

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Display->Mixer means click the Display menu at the top of the screen, then select Mixer from the menu that drops downn. that will open the mixer window. You will see a list showing several controls for each staff, one of which is a checknox labeled "Mute". Click the Mute checkbox for he staff you want to mute - simple as that.

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