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• Oct 12, 2011 - 05:04

Just So you know musescore, ive been with you guys and using this and helping give you errors since like, day 1... now your making me pay for ill see what happens with everythin else first. i hate to say this, but i might find another software...


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As Atomicbob did, I was a bit upset when sent me an e-mail announcing the intention to ask money for its service. Reading the page you just pointed out (I didn't read it before, I have to admit) helps a lot and gives a big aid in swallowing that bad news. Anyway, as I invested a lot of time and efforts FOR FREE in promoting and implementing MuseScore in my activity as a teacher, and as the institution where I work will NEVER pay for a music-devoted software, I hope you are not planning to charge for MuseScore itself as you did for What you will obtain from my side, is just making a teacher frustrated for his becoming suddenly aware that he has thrown in the bin hours and hours of unpaid, philanthropic personal work.

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Hey Aldo, thanks for leaving your feedback. It was never our intention to confuse you or others, so sorry about that. To straighten one thing dough: we did not send an email via to you, but via A small but important detail. As for the future of MuseScore, as I mentioned in the State of MuseScore, we do not want to touch the free & open nature of MuseScore. So have no fear.

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You are ABSOLUTELY right. I made a bad mistake by stating that I received that e-mail from Indeed, I received it from Sorry.

Anyway, I can take a deep breath reading your last statement. Many, many thanks.

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Actually, I was quite happy about the announcement, because it adds an element of professionalism to the services available - not that you haven't had that all along, it's just even more. I was very happy to pay the additional fee to become a pro subscriber. The only difference now is that you need to pay to upload more than a certain number of scores.

Think about it this way. I uploaded 2 piano scores only 1 week ago, and since uploading they've each been viewed and even downloaded hundreds of times. I thought only a few people were actually looking at them, since I only receive a few comments, but the fact that so many people are downloading them in only a week's time indicates that I'm getting value for the little money I have to pay. It's definitely worth it. One day someone will want to actually perform my pieces somewhere, which is encouraging.

So thanks, MuseScore. You deserve some compensation for the great work you've done over the last several years since I first downloaded the software.

To find out how many views and downloads your scores are receiving, go to your dashboard and click on the link to (I think) stats on the upper right. It will show you a graph and a table on the number of views. I was not aware of this until today, and was pleasantly surprised. Something new?

Incidentally, why are there two separate MuseScore websites anyway? One is commercial and one is not?

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Statistics are indeed a new feature of You can read more about it here :
The detailed statistics (graphs etc...) are a pro feature only. is the home of MuseScore, the free and open source software. All things dealing with the software itself are nicely gathered here, documentation, support forum, bug tracker etc... is more about your sheet music. It's a community website around scores created with MuseScore. Incidently, it's also a commercial product with a free offer (5 most recent scores) and a Pro account offer (unlimited scores, detail stats and more). Obviously there are and will be bridges between the two websites and the software. MuseScore Connect is one example. is operated by Thomas (also webmaster since the start), Werner (the "father" of MuseScore, main developer) and myself (lasconic/Nicolas).

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@brando "but the fact that so many people are downloading them in only a week's time indicates that I'm getting value for the little money I have to pay. It's definitely worth it."

Does that mean you are getting paid for your scores that people have downloaded?

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Hey, yes, i was a little out going. And now reading the article that i didn't read does help. And it all makes sense! As a growing company, you need to be able to do something to have the revenue to introduce more things and implament the great ideas that you guys come up with. Though i will be disappointed about it not being free anymore, i ask that you atleast keep the software free! I refuse to pay the hundreds of dollars for Finale or Sibalius when Musescore is doing all that I really need at the moment.

Yes i am bummed out about the sharing starting to cost money, but one question.
Since the upload limit for the free accounts is 5, does that mean that you can only upload 5? or Would i be allowed to delete a score from a long time ago and post a new score, keeping me at still 5 scores that i have uploaded?

Thanks, Atomicbob11

.... until I read the announcement more carefully and figured out what it actually meant. All's well, the software remains free and open source.

-- J.S.

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The MuseScore notation software is completely free; there is no separate "pro" version. This thread isn't about the MuseScore notation software; it is about the score sharing website, which does indeed have free and Pro accounts. As mentioned, for more information about, better to go there than here on

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