Measure numbers not visible

• Oct 13, 2011 - 14:12
S4 - Minor

I attach the first page of a score for a visually-impaired singer. My various enlarging adjustments have left the measure numbers invisible. Sadly, I can't say at what point they became overwritten. You can see them in the attached file because I have increased the bracket/stsem space to 5.0 sp. Even so, they are still partially obscured.

Please advise how to get them totally visible above the top stave of the system.

I am using version 1.1 on 32-bit Windows 7. Both the portable and the regular version show this problem.


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Fauré's Requiem first page only.mscz 6.43 KB


A) The Issue Tracker is mainly for reporting bug or for feature requests. To ask for help, please use the Support & bug report forum instead.

B) Anyway, to solve your problem, you may:

1) use the menu command "Style | Edit Text Styles...", then select "Measure number" in the left-side list.
2) enter a suitable value in the "Offset / Y:" box; try with -2 first (negative values move up and positive values move down) and adjust to your like
3) save the score, close it and reload (a bug in ver. 1.1 prevents changes to some text styles to be shown immediately).


P.S.: status set the "Fixed" as this is not really a bug.

Hi Chen Lung,

In itself, "Closed" would be better, but by doing this the original poster is probably not able to see the answer, as closed issues are not shown by default.

Once the John will have seen the answer, the issue can be safely closed.