Nightly 4859 font scrambled

• Oct 21, 2011 - 11:34
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It might be that other users have also already reported this, but I don't think it hurts if this is a double post.

Although the new GUI looked better, button fonts and labels everywhere are scrambled and thus tiring to the eye.

If this would be fixed it would be awesome.

If the software works well "under the hood" then let the GUI also look good while keeping in mind that "under the hood" is primary.


Can you post a pic? I use the nightly, and compile by own, and I don't see what you see. What OS are you using, are you compiling your own version, etc?

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit SP1.

Here's a screenshot of it.

They just all look rugged and uneven, my eyes were very disturbed the first time I saw it, the problem is, one can get accustomed with this when one really needs to use it.

Just please don't tell me it's all OK and that you're not seeing the problem :D LOL

I had to crop the photo so it fits, but now I just found out that the .bmp format is not allowed. why? I could never understand why websites ban file format updates, WHY?

And here I am wasting time trying to delete the extension of the file so that I can upload it as an extensionless file so you can rename it to .bmp and see the quality of it, because the JPEG format is not qualitative enough.

Yet an other suggestion to the web developer, if they'd just remove that useless file format whitelist...

There it is, I came up with a quick hack, I actually deleted the bitmaps file extension and renamed it to .midi so I can upload it because the page doesn't let me upload .bmp files. Now you only have to rename the extension back to .bmp so you can view the file.

What a waste of precious bug reporting time......

As if it's not delicate enough that the project is being supported by an open community who devotes their personal free time to it.

Whenever a project is started, the underlying structure of it has to be properly be put in place and all variables calculated so workflow can truly FLOW and not get sacked.......

Haaaah, I feel like I should run for president........

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And even so, it's not qualitative enough to express the difference between Windows' font on the outskirts of the box and MuseScore's look.

Firstly, use PNG or JPG for uploads. BMP is a space hog.

Second, because you had to crop the pic, it looks terrible. See my attachment. (EDIT: mine doesn't look much better. It has to be zoomed just right)

Third, I don't see or understand the problem.

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Sometimes I have huge problems attaching files. I can attach them, and the web page says they are there and lists them, but as soon as I try to [inline] them the web page (using Preview) claims they don't exist. Anybody else see this? I will try again...

schepers, it was not nice of you to delete my post.

Here's some sound wisdom for you.

BMP is NOT a space hog, it's more qualitative than the JPEG format which is exactly what I needed to illustrate to you my point otherwise I could not have expressed it well enough using the JPEG format.

I KNEW that you would not get my point which is exactly why I wrote "please don't say you're not getting my point", but now other people can't see that and chen lung just wrote saying he can't open my file because he most probably didn't read the instructions on how to do that.

It still might have not been you who deleted my post, whoever it was, it was not nice of them and they owe me an apology.

The point is, all of the button fonts are scrambled in Windows 7, not 100% scrambled obviously, but disturbing to the eye, compare the MuseScore 1.1 button font with the latest nightly one, it is terribly disturbing.

Have you really had a close look at that screenshot?

It is time-wasting for me to go back and do that screenshot again, you should have payed atention to my post, I'm not trolling here, I'm contributing to this project with everything I can and know how.

chen lung, you can't open it because you probably haven't read the instructions on how to do it.

The thing is now that schepers deleted that post of mine even though it had very valuable information for the website on it that I hate to have to rewrite.

(or it might have been someone else who deleted that, not schepers, of course unless he has some administrative privileges of some sort that I'm not aware of, neither do I bother too much to find out, I signed up to help the project, so, I don't really care who's who, coding is math not "ponies")

The scrambled stuff is still there schepers, just zoom in on this one, it seems that the .tif format IS better than the both the JPEG AND the .png.

Why is it that I can not upload .tif files?

Guys, PLEASE remove file format whitelists, I just don't see their point. What IS the point of whitelisting what file formats user can upload? If you have a size limit it will notify the user regardless of the format if that's the reason...

Here it is guys, just rename it to .tif after you download it, I had to rename it to .mid so I can upload it...... Sheesh...

If only a web developer would look at this, it's so time consuming to have to go through these nuissances...

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First, I didn't (and can't) delete posts. You have this false notion that I am an admin. I expect an apology for the accusation!

Second, I (and others) will not follow your convention regarding uploads and renaming. Follow the conventions on this site and my recommendations to use either PNG or JPG. PNG is perfect for screen shots so use it.

Third, I still don't understand what "scrambled" thing you're talking about. While the nightly interface is different, things are not scrambled or unreadable.

Fourth, Chen was responding to my posting, not yours.

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Feel free to reopen this issue when exact steps to reproduce the problem can be provided.