Lines are messed up after changing scaling

• Oct 23, 2011 - 20:34
S4 - Minor

Had typed in a rather long song, with various Crescendo and Diminuendo lines. In the end I decided to try to squeeze more of it into less sheets of paper. So I went to Layout, Page Settings and changed it. The result was mostly ok, but all the Crescendo and Diminuendo lines had somehow been shifted. Not sure why or how they ended up where they was, but I had to go through and nudge them back into place.

Attached a simple example with a before and after I did some scaling.

Attachment Size
Test.before.mscz 1.75 KB
Test.after_.mscz 1.74 KB


Hm, now they were messed up just after opening the file... that was kind of annoying... maybe it would be better if these lines were more connected to the notes with a set distance above kind of? That way it would be easier to have consistency between them as well. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and it kind of annoys me when the crescendo lines for example start a few pixels off of each other. Would be nice if they could snap to something.

That seemed to work actually! Although the first time I tried to up the scaling, the program actually crashed.