Ties affect whole chord instead of individual notes during playback

• Mar 24, 2009 - 04:24
S4 - Minor
  1. Open attached file: "Playback of tied chords.mscz"
  2. Press play

Expected behavior: The untied notes in the chord should be played as normal notes.

Actual behavior: Only the low C is played. All other notes are silent during playback. Also notice that the second measure plays for longer than four beats.

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Playback of tied chords.mscz 1.48 KB


1) the wrong/missing play is fixed in rev.1676
2) the internal tick duration of all chords in the second measure is wrong. A quarter note has 480 ticks but the first chord (C) has a duration of 4*480 ticks, the second chord (C-E) lasts 3*480 ticks etc. As the duration tied notes is accumulated from the chord durations, notes in the second measure sound too long. I yet have to find out how this measure was created.
3) the playback cursor jumped back when playing tied notes. This is also fixed now.
4) if tied notes are played, only the first note head is highlighted.

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Playback of tied chords.mscx 5.54 KB
Status (old) active fixed

Marked as fixed. I am not able to reproduce the second measure using r.1667. If I encounter this in the future I will file a new bug report.