Sharps and flats do not resize with chordname text style

• Mar 25, 2009 - 02:49
S4 - Minor
  1. Open file attached: "Flats and sharps in chord names.mscx"
  2. Style > Edit Text Style > Chordname
  3. Change size of the text and press "OK"

Notice that the size of the sharps and flats in the chordnames do not resize with the rest of the chordname text.

Suggestion: Maybe the flats and sharps need a relative size (percent or em) rather than absolute size (pt or cm).

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I don't mean to pressure anyone, but does anyone know when this might be fixed?
I have a concert coming up in 10 days and will add the changes by hand if this is not implemented in the next 5 or so days.

thanks for all your very succesful hard work.
i really do like this program, and I find the responses to bugs and the gereral support to be excellent.

Best regards,

This works with latest revisions (i'm currently at 1697). If "use symbols" is checked in style, then some chordnames look suboptimal and need some more tweeking. There is also a new style option to switch to a "realbook style" jazzfont. This implementation is work in progress as some needed symbols are missing. I'm not sure how to proceed. The jazzfont looks so much better that i would like put more work on this and eventually drop the "use symbols" options which tries to mix a standard font with special sybols from the score font.

This is really great news. Were you able to look at the Jazz Font link I uploaded for you? Many of the proper symbols are there, although the short form of m7b5 and maj 7 are still missing there also.
This is very exciting, as it will definately help me.

What is confusing you as to proceed? I am not a programmer, but if there is some question that I can answer, I would be glad to.

Thank you.

I believe the "free" font from Jochen Pietsch has the wrong licence to be included in an debian package. I tried to contact the author but got no answer so i tried to do something on my own based on "The new real book" look.

My 2 cents,
It would be better from my point of view to support several standards fonts and not only one tailored for the need of musescore if possible. Maybe it's the case, I didn't look into the implementation.
If not possible, maybe document some kind of how to make fonts for chordnames and disable the select font box in the "text edition bar", because changing the font may lead to weird result.

I've sent Jochen an email as well and no reaction. A pity. His work can live further on in a free app, instead of die in obscurity.

#6: i looked at several "commercial" jazz fonts for chord names and found out that they have a rather weird coding and are specially tailored to a specific program (finale/sibelius etc.). So i think it will be at least difficult to adapt one of these fonts for mscore.
I am not a font designer and what i want to do is to only create a font to have something to play with and to find out, how this problem could be structured best.

Cursory look.
Looks much better.

I first went into edit text styles and selected the "Jazz" fonts - result was rectangles..

Undid and followed your directions - much better.


Some initial observations:

1. Ctrl - c/v does not work between staves
2. Slash chords, /G - bass note is in original font, not jazz
3. When coming out of Ctrl-K, program is in note entry mode. Should not be, I believe.
4. If chordname is increased in size, symbol appears higher, on treble staff. So, if I try to put changes between staves of a grand staff, the symbols are poor located, vertically.

Great improvement!

Chordnames: Jazz:
Congratulations. Please see attached file.

1. Name of chord is legible - good
2. mi can and should be m - shortest/clearest - why I, not wi fi?
3.7 nicely spaced - flat, not so

Looking better and better.


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