Volta cause multi-measure crash

• Mar 25, 2009 - 06:02
S2 - Critical
  1. Open a score containing a volta (such as the file attached: "volta cause multi-measure crash.mscz")
  2. Style > Edit Style
  3. Mark the checkbox for multi-measure rests
  4. File > Save
  5. File > Reload

MuseScore crashes (r.1667, WIndows XP)

(First reported by abrescia: http://musescore.org/en/node/1030#comment-1763 )

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volta cause multi-measure crash.mscz 1.49 KB


The voltas need to be broken off from the multi-measure rest, but that should not cause various smaller size rest segments to appear.


Hello David. Thank you for all your prompt responses. You folk have a great team.

I was not refering to your screen shot, which I confess that I did not look at. I was refering to my own experience where the multi-measure rests became smaller and smaller, even though there was a 16 bar rest, with the 2 voltas..


Status (old) active fixed

The crash is fixed in rev. 1698 but some other things do work well when multi measure rests are visible. For example there are problems with the layout/editing of volta brackets.