[trunk] R4974 Page Numbers and Copyright Text in Wrong Location

• Nov 15, 2011 - 01:02
S4 - Minor

The page numbers and copyright text are now always at the top of the page instead of being at the bottom.


Status (old) fixed active

While the page number and copyright are back _near_ the bottom, they still seem too high up, almost 3cm from the bottom of the page. (Win7, R4976)

The actual problem appears to be the top margin is ignored. Create a new score and put the page number at the top. It is only a fraction of a cm down from the top of page. The page margin is defined as 10mm.

Status (old) active fixed

f4984 contains more changes for header/footer. New is the "styled" attribute. Styled header/footer honor font changes in the header/footer text styles.

Default position for footer is now above the bottom margin.