[trunk] R4991 Default page size

• Nov 16, 2011 - 19:54
S4 - Minor

The default page size has changed from A4 to Custom (210x297mm, which is A4). If this change is unintentional, please change it back.

Can there be a way to detect and set the proper page size based on your OS settings? The majority of North America uses Letter for a standard sheet size.


Status (old) active fixed

fixed in r4998.
You can configure the default page format in prefereces which is more flexible than an automatic scheme.
The default of the default is A4 bc, most people on this world use it.

Status (old) fixed active

The preferences in R5001 still show the default page size as Custom, but also show the dimensions at 1mm and 1mm.

Also, scores saved in R5001 and reloaded come up in landscape. The debug window simply says "unknown paper size index" when I check the Page Settings.

Adjusting the page size under Layout/Page Settings doesn't change the dimensions listed nor does it change the page size.

Regarding comment#4, issues 2 and 3 appear fixed but #1 is still an issue. (Win7 32 bit, trunk R5030)

1. Factory reset MS
2. Check Prefs/Score tab. Mine always shows the page as Custom, 1mm by 1mm. Clicking "reset to default" still shows these settings. However, new scores are created as A4 pages.
3. Change the default page size (under Prefs/Score) to Letter. New scores are still created as A4, even after restarting MS.
4. Go back to Prefs/Score. Clicking "reset to default" shows the page type flicker to Custom but then back to Letter, even though that is not the factory default.

Werner, the only thing I can find that's left of this bug report that is still out of the ordinary is the final comment in #6.

1. Go to Prefs/Score tab and change the paper size to something different (like legal) & click OK
2. Go back to Prefs/Score and click "Reset to Defaults" button.
3. The paper size will flicker quickly to A4 and then back to legal. It will not revert back to defaults.

I haven't checked any other Prefs "reset to defaults" options for this behaviour.