[trunk] R5001 "Break every X measures" plugin no longer works

• Nov 17, 2011 - 13:47
S2 - Critical

It simply crashes MS when used. I'm sure it worked until recently so I don't think it's the plugin itself.


Of course, if I place the breaks manually it works fine, so possibly some element in the plugin framework has gotten borked.

It doesn't crash here using rev. 5004. What do you do before using the plugin? Have you tried with the latest revision?

Well, it does charsh, if no score is open, but that is understandable and needs to be fixed in the plucin (test whether curScore is set).
With a score being open it is more like an exit, not like a crash.
The only thing I do prior to calling the plugin is to open a score. Any score should do.
And with r5002 it is still the same

I've tries a lot of things, but can not get it to crash. I'm on Ubuntu and running it in QT creator. In what environment are you running MuseScore?