Natural Guitar Harmonics in tab

• Oct 20, 2016 - 18:49

Natural harmonics on the guitar are, aside from the ones located at the twelfth fret, located in a different fret from where the same note would be played normally. Is there a way in Musescore to insert a note, flag it as a harmonic and subsequently change the fret number in the guitar tab? I've added an image as an example. The harmonics in the second and third measures are located at the 7th fret and this is reflected in the tab, but the notes sounded are marked in the standard notation.

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What you could do is enter the desired tab, then on the standard staff, use the "Fix to line" option in the Inspector to make it appear wherever you choose. Basically, the other way around from what you propose, but same end result.

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That's true, but I find for longer works it's a pain to a) copy paste everything into the unlinked staff and b) make corrections in both staves.

I would prefer a solution that works with a linked staff because these harmonics last only for one measure in my example.

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