Page layout issue

• Nov 27, 2011 - 11:43

Sorry, this might be evident to more experiences MS users, but I just could not find a way for my imported music file to be displayed vertically, one page at a time, rather than two pages on one "paper" sheet and having to scroll horizontally, as the attached screenshot shows. Can anyone help? Many thanks!

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I tried various page sizes, but MS still tries to squeeze two sheet music "pages" into a single page. I thought there'd be a setting for that in addition to the settings about the actual size of the page, but I didn't find any under Page Settings, nor under General Style.

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Music is displayed horizontally in MuseScore, that's just how it works. The double-sided option is under Layout/Page settings, called "Two sided". Even with it off MS will still show the pages two side-by-side on screen. How it prints is different.

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