[trunk] MuseScore aborts when saving certain file as xml or mxl

• Dec 4, 2011 - 16:35
S2 - Critical

trunk rev. 5078 fails when using Score.save( somefile, "xml"). (using WinXP SP3)
It does create the xml file though, but that files can't get opened later in MuseScore, so it apparently dies in the middle of writing the file.

Same problem with .mxl files

Exporting the same file via the menu fails too, for xml and mxl. Offending file (Noten.mscz) attached

Another file (Auld Lang Syne.mscz) it does eport as xml without aborting, but dies when reading the xml it just generated before (Auld Lang Syne.xml).

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Noten.mscz 2.48 KB
Auld Lang Syne.mscz 4.65 KB
Auld Lang Syne.xml 95.23 KB


Problem reproduced (trunk rev 5088). On Noten.mscz, MuseScore segfaults immediately after writing the last note in the lower staff in measure 3, producing an incomplete XML file. Save as mcsx works OK.

A stacktrace shows it crashes in exportxml.cpp, function directionMarker.