What is the best way to handle corrupted file?

• Nov 2, 2016 - 17:16

The last actions I remember are:
-set first measure to 1/8 instead of 6/8
It was the first time I was trying that and the result was not at all what I thought,
-undo (first measure is not back?) so:
-undo still things to "undo" apparently
=> now first measure seems to be back.
Now if I open the score it says:
File corrupted:
Bar 2 Stave 1 incomplete. Expected: 6/8; Found: 4/8

=> Can I continue to work with the score without problem? Is it better to make a new score and copy paste the content in the new score? Cercle_Floor.mscz


By the way, I have now tried to reproduce the first "part" of the problem in test scores:
set first measure to 1/8 instead of 6/8
then undo:
in test score, the behaviour is always correct, only 1 undo resets the score exactly as it was before my action.
So the fact that 3 undos were necessary in the problem score was not normal.

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Problem solved, thanks!
Using the link you've provided, as the corrupted measure was (had to be) the same as the fith one, I've deleted the content of the measure and copy/paste the fifth one into it.
Note that copy/pasting the fifth measure without first deleting everything (up to a full bar rest) was not enough.

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I can reproduce the problem, either from my correction or from the version of Shoichi.

Steps to reproduce:

-the first rest of bar 1 must be selected
-right click on the first bar
-in the menu change actual note duration to 1/8 instead of 6/8
-press ok
-press quaver button
-press the key 'e' => instead of entering the note e the second bar is corrupted.
-You need to press undo 3 times to let the first bar "come back" but the second one stays corrupted. (For info, after these 3 undo's the star next to file name showing that the file is modified disappears)

--EDIT: after several trials, some with corrupted result others without, I have edited the steps with the exact way to "do" it

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