MuseScore UX Design

I'm working with a local design group and, if all goes well, we'll be working to make the MuseScore user experience better.
Is there anyone here (or that you know) that would like to join us in our design efforts?
These efforts will include thorough research and communication with people as well as prototyping and testing; visual design will not be a focus for us right now.


Thank you for making this happen tinman! Really looking forward to follow and learn from the UX design effort.

Hello Tinman!

Great idea and good initiative !
I would be happy to assist you if I can. What sort of competences do you need ?

Are you still looking for help?

Hi Charlie,
Sorry for going without reply for so long.
Right now, I'd really like to get more people involved -- we'll be conducting user interviews and then make personas based on the data we collect. I wrote some posts about this -- see .
Would this be a thing you'd like to help with?

If you need users then feel free to contact me through this site.

Thanks for the offer -- will likely write you later.

I'm another of the many who volunteered at, but I might as well reiterate it here. ;-)

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