Missing global articulation settings in MuseScore 3.0

• Nov 6, 2016 - 18:54

Hello everybody,

i miss the old feature to change default behaviors of arcticulations in the settings in the current version of MuseScore (v3). In my opionin this feature was really really useful!!!
Even if it is hardly never used by people. I think the great thing about it was that you make your adjustments to the default behavior once and keep this for a lifetime.

I like to have marcato articulations always above and accents below and above...
So now i have to spend allot of time just for those layout issues...
And the bad thing is that i know that i was always possible and now isn't anymore?!
I can definitly don't live without that feature!

Another solution could be to select articulations by type (not all articulations at once).
f.e. select all marcatos and make the adjustment.
But still i would love to see the old settings again.

What do you other people think about this?!

MuseScore 2.0.3

MuseScore 3.0 master


Sorry if I have not understood.
Click on an element and open Inspector, you should find what you need

Right-click -> select-> more: watch the new options


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Anyway, it is good to have an option to change default behaviors.
Even if it's in a config file or somewhere.
I think in general it's good to allow the user to customize a program to use all features the way he likes it. The user controls the application, not the other way around. I started with finale and always hated it that i as a user got used to the application.
Everything should be always as easy as possible ;)
And in this case the best solution is to have a global setting where you define/change the behavior ONCE.

The thing is, it was possible and now it's not.
Even if 99% of the users don't care about this. It's was really user-friendly!
I think it's the wrong direction to remove a feature.
So in general it would be a good idea to improve old features and make them better.
But what is better now?! It is just missing...
and there is more unused space in the settings page?

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One of the technical issues with this has always been that the correct behavior actually depends on the number of articulations a note has. A setting that works for staccato when it is the only articulation winter be correct if there is both staccato and marcato, etc. Also the rules for correct notation call for different positions depending on line versus space, single voice versus multi, etc. So we were already forced to ignore these settings to.get correct results in many cases. With the new automatic collision avoidance in 3.0, there would presumably be that many more cases where these settings would need to be ignored in order to yield correct results. So maybe it's just as well we scrap these settings.

On the other hand, maybe a new and more flexible system for specifying defaults could be decided - one that provided the possibility of control over the different cases. Probably we should have some thing like that for collision avoidance in any case - a way of specifying *how* collisions are resolved for particular combinations of element types.

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The proposed solution is as follows:
- create a new palette starting from the "advanced" palette
- move an articulation from the palette to your score and change its properties with the inspector
- move the modified articulation back to the palette
- remove the old palette entry

To change property of an articulation type in the whole score:
- select articulation
- extend selection for "similar type"
- change properties in inspector

This is maybe not as convenient as changing a specific style value but it is much more powerful as it allows you to change nearly all properties of an element. It also allows you to put different versions
of an element in the palettes.

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Hello Werner, thanks for your reply!
The palette solution sound really nice.
I can use the custom palette for everything and then, it's working like a global setting for me, that's great! ;)

Do i something wrong or is it not working at the moment?
I tried to build a custom palette and different workspace but i can't move an articulation back to the palette.

best regards!

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Have you read up on how custom palettes work in general (this is a feature of 2.0.3 as well)? See the Handbook. Most likely you are forgetting to enable editing for the articulations palette, or you aren't holding Shift+Alt while dragging. Or you are trying to modify the master palette, which is not meant to be editable.

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